Environmental Issues

Environmental care is certified for by the ISO 9001 – 2008 standards and marks this company as No. 1 in its industry. ABDULHUSEIN PEERBHOY & SONS, the producer of lifting slings and lashing products located in Mumbai, now not only meets the ISO 9001-2008 standards for Total Quality Management but also for environmental protection.Total Quality Management and environmental policies are naturally linked together. That is the reason why ABDULHUSEIN PEERBHOY & SONS combines both systems creating a seperate department.

Advantages of an environmental standing:
What was originally identified only as a current trend, gradually developed into an ecological and organisational neccessity. Environmental care and therefore the considered use of resources and reduction of waste levels, coupled with the introduction ecologically advanced technology are an integrated part of ABDULHUSEIN PEERBHOY & SONS quality targets and goals. Continous quality control, improved production processes and therefore a clean environment should be a priority for any successful business, taking into account the interests of following generations with a long-term outlook into the future.

The content of the environmental management system:
The system consists of three main factors

  • Disposition of waste
    • Seperation
    • Reduction of waste levels
    • Integration of recycled materials into production process.
  • Safety issues
    • High levels of communication within the business
    • Both on- and off-the-job training of employees
  • Careful planning of downtime’s of machines to avoid accidents and breakdowns.

Benefits for the customer:
Factors like the efficient use of resources, production processes based on Critical Path Analysis and minimum waste levels help to control and reduce costs. This enables us to offer products to fair and convenient prices even in future. Up-to-date technology and quality are guaranteed by trained and motivated staff, a zero-defects strategy and well maintained modern machines. Those factors are vital, keeping the length of delivery times to a minimum.